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Siemens is a technology company focusing on the areas of automation and digitalization in the process and manufacturing industries, intelligent infrastructure and distributed energy systems, conventional and renewable power generation and power distribution.

Grid operators and power producers around the world are facing new and increasing challenges for sufficient and reliable power. The challenges derive from market trends as well as the emerging decarbonized, distributed and digitalized energy landscape.

Siemens’ holistic approach helps these operators and utilities to meet the challenges by enhancing their technical abilities and business processes.  As a result, electricity is always safe, reliable and cost efficient for everyone.



  • SDV-R distribution circuit breaker
    Siemens new SDV-R distribution circuit breaker - your optimal solution for renewable applications

  • Siemens new SDV-R medium-voltage outdoor distribution circuit breaker, an extension of the reliable SDV family, is designed to be your optimal solution for renewable applications. With an integral fast-acting grounding switch mechanically interlocked with a circuit breaker, the SDV-R provides fast switching time to ground, which limits transient voltage excursion to low levels, eliminates the need for ground transformers saving you money and physical space, and removes the risk of transformer oil spills.

  • Siemens CMR compact modular recloser
    Siemens CMR compact modular recloser, Fusesaver outdoor circuit breaker, and SDR smart distribution recloser help you reliably and efficiently tackle the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s smart grids....

  • Siemens outdoor vacuum switching devices, designed for various applications and climatic conditions, improve the reliability of future-oriented smart grids. Type-tested performance, long electrical life, and mechanical robustness help to minimize operational costs. 

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