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Siemens is a technology company focusing on the areas of automation and digitalization in the process and manufacturing industries, intelligent infrastructure and distributed energy systems, conventional and renewable power generation and power distribution.

Grid operators and power producers around the world are facing new and increasing challenges for sufficient and reliable power. The challenges derive from market trends as well as the emerging decarbonized, distributed and digitalized energy landscape.

Siemens’ holistic approach helps these operators and utilities to meet the challenges by enhancing their technical abilities and business processes.  As a result, electricity is always safe, reliable and cost efficient for everyone.



  • SDV-R distribution circuit breaker
    Siemens new SDV-R distribution circuit breaker - your optimal solution for renewable applications

  • Siemens new SDV-R medium-voltage outdoor distribution circuit breaker, an extension of the reliable SDV family, is designed to be your optimal solution for renewable applications. With an integral fast-acting grounding switch mechanically interlocked with a circuit breaker, the SDV-R provides fast switching time to ground, which limits transient voltage excursion to low levels, eliminates the need for ground transformers saving you money and physical space, and removes the risk of transformer oil spills.

  • Siemens CMR compact modular recloser
    Siemens CMR compact modular recloser, Fusesaver outdoor circuit breaker, and SDR smart distribution recloser help you reliably and efficiently tackle the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s smart grids....

  • Siemens outdoor vacuum switching devices, designed for various applications and climatic conditions, improve the reliability of future-oriented smart grids. Type-tested performance, long electrical life, and mechanical robustness help to minimize operational costs. 

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  • Disruptive approach for energy distribution
    Siemens' disruptive approach for energy distribution - more efficient, reliable and eco-friendly


  • Improving the energy distribution grid with a transformer that includes the newest developments to increase human, wildlife and fire safety as well as environmental friendliness.
    It is easier to handle, maintenance free and results in lower total cost of ownership. 
  • Siemens announces Blue Portfolio
    Siemens is committed to helping the environment and now has the Blue Portfolio. It combines vacuum switching technology with Clean Air insulation technology....

  • This makes it possible to significantly reduce emissions while greatly increasing the recycling rate – without maintenance. Te outstanding technical performance and low lifecycle costs make it a perfect choice.The technology is available for Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), High Voltage Circuit Breakers-Dead and Live tank, instrument transformers and Circuit Switchers all with absolutely zero CO2 emissions over the lifetime of the equipment. You still get the reliable, time tested technology but now even better with the vacuum and clean air technology. Come check out our new Blue product portfolio and see how Siemens is taking strides to help the environment.


  • Siemens Synchronous Condenser
    More and more power plants are getting disconnected and the share of converter-based generation is increasing....

  • More and more power plants are getting disconnected and the share of converter-based generation is increasing. Electrical system strength gets negatively affected by disconnecting power plants and the big rotating mass that is part of it. To overcome the lack of inertia and short circuit power Siemens provides Syncon solutions. The key knowledge for decades about synchronous machines and the implementation in the electrical system makes Siemens FACTS  your solution partner.


  • HVDC Plus system
    Siemens Transmission Solutions in a recent project is responsible for developing and planning as well as supplying, installing, and commissioning the two substations. An HVDC Plus system is used for this purpose....

  • It is based on the so-called voltage-sourced converter (VSC) in a modular multilevel design (MMC).

  • SICAM A8000 Remote Terminal Unit
    Offering a compact and modular platform, the Siemens SICAM A8000 Series is a flexible tele-control and automation system....

  • Its application area ranges from distribution automation to connection of regenerative energy (wind, solar, hydro) right down to railway power supplies and industrial applications. 
    Siemens’ comprehensive PSS®CAPE Software offers a detailed protection simulation software package that can assist utilities with meeting increasing workloads while reducing manual intervention and human errors for repetitive tasks....

  • The solution also saves time and improves reliability via automatic protection setting validation.