As an employee of the exhibiting company (you must carry identification, such as medical card or payroll stub, to verify this fact) you have the right to hand carry some materials to your booth provided the following rules are adhered to:

  • Must use specified access doors, may use main entrance into exhibit hall
  • May not use freight/dock doors (except as specified for the ASUV program, details on the ASUV program will be available in the exhibitor manual, available in the fall).
  • No material handling equipment may be used (i.e., carts, dollies, etc., however small 2-wheeled luggage carts are allowed)
  • Materials must be able to be hand carried by one person


Exhibitors and Show Management, using their own full time staff, may perform work in a booth of any size. They can work within the booth using their own ladders or hand tools, cordless tools, power tools and other tools designated by the McCormick Place. In addition to the work currently performed, they may also begin performing the following work within the booth:

  • Setting up and dismantling exhibits;
  • Assembling and disassembling materials, machinery or equipment;
  • Installing all signs, graphics, props, other decorative items and Show Manager or Exhibitor drapery, including the skirting of tables;
  • Delivering, setting up, plugging in, interconnecting and operating Show Manager or Exhibitor electrical equipment, computers, audio-visual devices and other equipment;
  • Skidding, positioning and re-skidding all Show Manager and Exhibitor materials, machinery and equipment using their own non-motorized hand trucks and dollies

Exhibitors can load/unload materials from automobiles and small utility vehicles at designated McCormick Place docks using their owned, non-motorized, non-hydraulic hand trucks an dollies.

ASUV (Automobile and Small Utility Vehicle) Program will be available for exhibitors that wish to load/unload their smaller privately owned vehichles (cars, vans, small trucks, etc.). Further details on the ASUV program will be available in the exhibitor manual, available in the fall.

The Exhibitor shall comply with any union requirements regarding the installation, operation and dismantling of its exhibit then in effect at the Exposition Facility and shall respect all Exposition Facility contracts and rules. Exposition Management may permit the Exhibitor’s own full time employees to perform some specific work within its exhibit space; in no event shall unauthorized independent contractor be permitted on the Exposition floor to perform work. The Group assumes no responsibility for failure to perform by contractors, their charges for services provided or for any other matter relating to contractors, unions or the Exposition Facility.