• Complimentary exhibitor badges, based on your booth size:
Booth Size Badge Allotment
100 SF 4
200 SF 7
300 SF 8
400 SF 9
Greater than 400 SF 9 + 1 badge per additional 100 SF   (i.e. 600 SF = 11)

Exhibitor badge requests in excess of the allotment will be charged $70.00 per registrant. These badges are for booth staff and not company representatives that do not have a direct relationship to the exhibit or those directly involved in staffing the booth.

  • Unlimited reduced rate One Day Exhibits Only Guest Invitations for admission to the Show for your invited guests.
  • Product listing in the official on IEEE PES T&D Web site and mobile app.
  • Use of contracted floor space.
  • Standard flameproof booth equipment for:
              1. Linear booths
                   • 8’ high pipe and drape backwall
                   • 3’ high pipe and drape side rails
                   • 7” x 44” booth identification sign (company name and booth number.)
              2. Split-Island booths
                   • 8’ high pipe and drape backwall
                   • 7” x 44” booth identification sign (company name and booth number.)
  • Management provides aisle carpeting, Midnight Blue. (Booth carpet/floor covering is required for all exhibits and must be provided at the exhibitor’s expense.)
  • General exhibit hall lighting, air-conditioning or heating (during show days only).
  • Onsite Exhibit Management Office to provide assistance during set-up, show days and dismantle starting Thursday, April 16.
Often exhibitors new to a particular trade show are unsure of where to begin when budgeting for booth properties. Click here for a Common Exhibitor Costs form that provides package costs as well as pricing on services most frequently used. The full exhibitor manual will be available in the fall of 2019. If you have additional questions, please contact Shawn Boon, shawn@cemllc.com or (703) 662-3602.
Date Hours
Tuesday, April 21 10am - 5pm
Wednesday, April 22 10am - 6pm
Thursday, April 23 10am - 3pm

Click here for a more complete overview schedule of the Show.

The deadlines are not confirmed at this time, but the discount deadlines are the dates our official vendors will honor advance orders with discounted rates. For all Freeman services (furnishings, labor, A/V, shipping, etc.) the deadline will be around March 27. For all of the Convention Center services, (electrical, internet, catering, etc.) the deadline will be around March 27. Final and additional deadlines will be available in the online exhibitor manual in the fall of 2019.

Each company is assigned a target move-in date, the day your shipment should arrive if you are shipping by truck to be unloaded at the dock at the convention center. Each date is determined by Freeman based on the booth’s size, location, and time allotted for access to the hall. Generally the earlier target move-in dates are determined by the size of the booth and the distance from the freight door. Adhering to the target move-in date is vital to allow all exhibitors accessibility to their booths and to guarantee the show is able to open on schedule.

The target floor plan will be available in February 2019. These target dates will be based on the initial floor plan and subject to change. Exhibitors are encouraged to verify their target move-in date prior to finalizing their onsite schedule and travel arrangements.  To accommodate all exhibitors in the most efficient manner we are asking each company to honor their target date. 

The target floor plan is available here. These target dates will be based on the initial floor plan and subject to change. Exhibitors are encouraged to verify their target move-in date prior to finalizing their onsite schedule and travel arrangements. To accommodate all exhibitors in the most efficient manner we are asking each company to honor their target date. 

All linear booths (10′ x 10′, 10′ x 20′, etc.) can begin moving in on Saturday, April 18. Target move-in begins at 8:00am on Thursday, April 16. This does not mean you personally need to be there unless you wish to oversee the unloading. Your shipment will be taken to your booth and will be there upon your arrival.

Move-out begins at 3:01pm on Thursday, April 23 – Early move-out will not be permitted. All exhibitor materials must be removed by Saturday, April 25, at 12 noon. All carriers must check-in by 8 am of their final move-out day or freight will be re-routed.

Material handling (drayage) is the service of receiving freight at either the advance warehouse or show site. This service includes the following:

  • Acceptance of freight shipped to advance warehouse (freight accepted March 9 – April 12) TENTATIVE
  • Storage of up to 30 days prior to move-in
  • Delivery of freight to show site OR acceptance of freight delivered directly to show site
  • Delivery of freight from dock to booth
  • Pick up and storage of “empty” crates/boxes for duration of show
  • Delivery of “empties” from storage back to booth for move-out
  • Freight transferred from booth to dock for return shipment
  • Loading of crates/boxes onto outgoing carrier

How – Inbound Shipment

  • Check out the weight of your exhibit. Lightweight designs save on shipping and drayage.
  • Remove old shipping labels and attach clean labels with your company name and booth number clearly marked.
  • Be sure to attach a rider to your insurance policy from the time your exhibit and product leave your possession until it is returned. Your company is responsible for your exhibit and product.
  • Shrink-wrap all your cartons onto a skid to avoid any special handling charges. Be sure to securely pack and tape your boxes.
  • Ship prepaid and keep an inventory and the PRO numbers of all your shipments.
  • Alert Freeman if you are shipping less than you initially estimated. This will not only save you money, but also expedite the move-in process for you and other exhibitors.
  • If delivering to the advance warehouse, confirm delivery with both Freeman and your shipping company.
  • Make sure that all shipments are accompanied with a certified weight certificate.


  • Ship in advance to the warehouse. Shipments to the warehouse can arrive between March 9 – April 9 (tentative, final dates provided in the exhibitor manual in the fall of 2019).
  • Schedule your shipment to arrive during the published hours (8am – 3:30pm, drivers must check in by 2:30pm) for freight receipt at the warehouse to avoid unnecessary surcharges.
  • Be sure you hit your target move-in date and time. Penalties will be assessed if materials arrive before or after your target move-in date.
  • For onsite deliveries, expect at least a 3-hour wait for your materials to be unloaded from the time your truck checks in at the marshalling yard. For afternoon arrivals it is wise to order labor for the following day.
  • Check-in to the marshalling yard on straight time. Check in prior to 2:30pm to insure same day delivery.

Outbound Shipment

  • Make return shipping arrangements in advance.
  • Prepare and pack labels for your outbound shipment prior to the show.
  • Avoid forced shipments on the outbound. Contract only with carriers familiar with the tradeshow industry.

As an employee of the exhibiting company (you must carry identification, such as medical card or payroll stub, to verify this fact) you have the right to hand carry some materials to your booth provided the following rules are adhered to:

  • Must use specified access doors, may use main entrance into exhibit hall
  • May not use freight/dock doors (except as specified for the ASUV program, details on the ASUV program will be available in the exhibitor manual, available in the fall).
  • No material handling equipment may be used (i.e., carts, dollies, etc., however small 2-wheeled luggage carts are allowed)
  • Materials must be able to be hand carried by one person


Exhibitors and Show Management, using their own full time staff, may perform work in a booth of any size. They can work within the booth using their own ladders or hand tools, cordless tools, power tools and other tools designated by the McCormick Place. In addition to the work currently performed, they may also begin performing the following work within the booth:

  • Setting up and dismantling exhibits;
  • Assembling and disassembling materials, machinery or equipment;
  • Installing all signs, graphics, props, other decorative items and Show Manager or Exhibitor drapery, including the skirting of tables;
  • Delivering, setting up, plugging in, interconnecting and operating Show Manager or Exhibitor electrical equipment, computers, audio-visual devices and other equipment;
  • Skidding, positioning and re-skidding all Show Manager and Exhibitor materials, machinery and equipment using their own non-motorized hand trucks and dollies

Exhibitors can load/unload materials from automobiles and small utility vehicles at designated McCormick Place docks using their owned, non-motorized, non-hydraulic hand trucks an dollies.

ASUV (Automobile and Small Utility Vehicle) Program will be available for exhibitors that wish to load/unload their smaller privately owned vehichles (cars, vans, small trucks, etc.). Further details on the ASUV program will be available in the exhibitor manual, available in the fall.

This applies to display material, not your product set in its natural state. Complete display rules are outlined in rules by booth type section.
     Standard inline booth – 8 feet
     Perimeter booth – 12 feet
     Island booths – 20 feet

IMPORTANT – Please be considerate of others when designing your booth, every exhibitor has the right to be visible!

Inline booths must not exceed 4 feet high, 5 feet in from the aisle (front half of the booth). Please be respectful of your neighbors when placing your product. An island booth with any dimension greater than 30 feet and a perimeter wall greater than 4 feet in height must have an opening of at least 10 feet wide every 20 feet. If you have questions on your booth type or the guidelines contact shawn@cemllc.com.

No display material of any kind, including, but not limited to, signs, banners or logos may be suspended from the ceiling.  No balloons or blimps may be suspended or tethered. Island booths may hang truss for lighting purposes, but no signage or display materials may be attached to this truss. If your ground supported equipment needs special tie-offs to the ceiling for additional safety, please contact Shawn Boon, shawn@cemllc.com for approval in advance.
Freeman has the capabilities to design a custom booth developed to meet your specific goals and requirements. You may choose a custom designed booth, or to save money, you may choose to rent a standard or deluxe hardwall unit. The standard packages will be available with the exhibitor manual in the fall of 2019. You can contact Lori Duckett at Lori.Duckett@Freemanco.com or (702) 579-1424 for a custom designed booth.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs) are independent contractors hired by exhibiting companies. These are companies that are typically signatory to the local unions. They can include labor building your booth, booth supervisors, booth designers. independent display companies, etc. An EAC will only be granted access to the show floor if show management has received the EAC Authorization form and a valid Certificate of Insurance. They will not have access to the exhibit hall on show days. The EAC submittal form is availble on the main EAC page. The deadline to submit the online EAC form is March 7, 2020.

McCormick Place registers all EAC company’s working in the facility. This registration process is subject to an annual fee and provides the following services:

  • Verifies insurance to protect both our customers and the facility.
  • Supports the McCormick Place badge program that helps to secure the facility.
  • Supports the facility protection program that is in place.
  • Addresses professional conduct that is expected of all contractor personnel that work in the facility.

EAC companies that are not registered will not be allowed to work on the property. 

If you wish to host an event or meeting in your booth BEFORE scheduled show hours you must do the following.

  • Notify show management at shawn@cemllc.com with the time, date, and the number of invited attendees prior to show time.
  • All of your invited guests must have a show badge
  • Arrange for all of your guests to meet as a group in the lobby at the entrance closest to your booth and be escorted into the exhibit hall by one of your company staff
  • If you are inviting more than 30 people you will be required to hire a security guard to ensure your guests stay in your booth. The security order form will be available in the online exhibitor manual in the fall of 2019.

If you are planning an event AFTER show hours you must comply with all of the above AND you will be required to hire a security guard to ensure your guests stay in your booth regardless of the size of the group. The security order form will be available in the online exhibitor manual in the fall of 2019.

If you are planning to serve refreshments at your event you will order from SAVOR, the exclusive caterer at the convention center.

Click here to complete the special event request form.

Machines may be exhibited in their normal commercial form, regardless of height, but please plan accordinly for oversized equipment. While the ceiling height is 40' equipment must fit through the dock doors. We encourage all exhibitors to contact Freeman with exact equipment specifications prior to finalizing equipment display plans.  All equipment must be placed at least one foot inside the booth from the aisle line.  Further, companies must try whenever possible to avoid blocking the view of a neighboring booth.

McCormick Place offers complimentary WIFI throughout the complex including its exhibit halls, meeting rooms and public space. This complimentary service should ONLY be used for non-mission-critical applications such as general web surfing and Internet-based email access. If you have any questions, please consult with your Event Manager.

McCormick Place allows exhibitors to bring food and beverage items into the facility for personal consumption either individually or collectively as described below:

    An exhibitor may bring an individual serving of food and beverage with them onto the premises. This will allow for an individual to consume food from an outside vendor on McCormick Place property. An example might be as follows:

  • An individual leaves the facility and returns with a sandwich, a slice of pizza, or carryout, and consumes it on McCormick Place property.
  •  An exhibitor may bring the equivalent of an individual serving for each of their employees onto the premises to serve to those employees. This will allow an organization to feed members of their staff without forcing each individual to bring their own food. Examples might include the following:
  •  An exhibitor orders pizzas and beverages and feeds their staff.
  •  An exhibitor ships a cooler and several cases of soda with their display to provide beverages to their personnel.
  •  An exhibitor sends a runner out and has them pick-up a certain number of lunches to provide to their staff.

Any exhibitor or exhibitor employee who chooses to bring food onto the premises must adhere to the following additional requirements.

  •     Any exhibitor who brings food and beverage onto the premises will be responsible for the clean-up of any resulting garbage or left-over food.

This policy is limited to exhibitors and their employees. Exhibitors are not allowed to bring food into the facility to serve to attendees beyond that which is currently permissible in the facility sampling policy.

  • Exhibitors, Contractor, or Show Management are not allowed to authorize any outside caterer or restaurateur to set up cooking, assembly, or serving areas on McCormick Place property.
  • Food and beverage companies are not allowed to sell or solicit sales on McCormick Place property.
  • Deliveries by outside food and beverage companies are not allowed inside the facility, on the exhibit floor, or at back of house areas.
  • Exhibitors and their employees are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages onto the premises at any time for personal or attendee consumption.

If your company is planning to demonstrate the use of drones in your booth you must follow the guidelines below per McCormick Place.

  1. Submit Drone Waiver to show management by February 21.
  2. Provide netting or plastic area for drone demonstration (other safety features may be approved upon request to McCormick Place).
  3. UAVs fly only in defined exhibit space.
  4. UAV are prohibited from flying within 18” of any building structure including sprinklers, but not limited to.
  5. Exhibiting company must add as additional insured the entities listed on the sample COI and submit COI to show proof of coverage that covers April 12 – 21, 2018 and includes aircraft liability as required. (Sample COI). This COI should be sent to shawn@cemllc.com and sales@rainprotection.net,

Please contact show management with any questions.

Shawn Boon
Canfield Event Management, LLC
(972) 521-9902