The 2020 IEEE PES T&D Conference will be April 20-23 in Chicago, Illinois and we look forward to seeing even more companies & attendees in 2020. Please contact Shawn Boon if you have any questions.

Priority space selection is open for all 2018 exhibitors.
More Information

Only companies that exhibited in 2018 are eligible to participate.

NOTE: The link below requires your company password and will only allow the eligible companies to select a booth.


Show Schedule

This is a tentative schedule and may change. All changes will be posted on this website.
Thursday April 16 8am – 5pm Exhibitor target move-in begins
Friday April 17 8am – 5pm Exhibitor target move-in continues
Saturday-Sunday                           April  18-19                          8am – 5pm General move-in
Monday April 20 8am – 5pm General move-in (all linear booths)
4pm Booth installation complete
6:30pm – 9:30pm                   Opening reception (Exhibitors welcome)
Show Days
Tuesday April 21 10am – 5pm Exhibits open
11:30am – 1pm Lunch served in exhibit halls
Wednesday April 22 10am – 6pm Exhibits open
4:30am – 6pm Networking reception in exhibit halls
Thursday April 23 10am – 3pm Exhibits open
2:30pm – 4pm Closing reception (Exhibitors invited to attend)
Thursday April 23 3pm – 10pm Exhibitor move-out
Friday April 24 8am – 5pm

Exhibitor move-out
(Materials must be removed from the exhibit areas by 5pm or they will be packed and shipped at the exhibitor’s or EAC’s expense.)

Saturday April 25 8am – 12pm Freight pick-up (Carriers must check in by 10am)

What's Included With a Booth

  • Opportunity to market your products and services to thousands of industry decision-makers.
  • 4 (or more) complimentary exhibitor badges, which allow access to the Exhibit Hall, Opening Reception, Opening Session, Opening Lunch, Networking Reception, Product & Solutions Education Track and the Closing Reception. Badge allotment is based on booth size, refer to table below for actual allotments.
Booth Size Badge Allotment
100 SF 4
200 SF 7
300 SF 8
400 SF 9
Greater than 400 SF 9 +1 additional badge per 100 SF (600 SF = 11 badges)
  • Unlimited reduced rate One Day Exhibits Only Guest Invitations for admission to the Show for your invited guests, customers and clients.
  • Product category listing in the official Final Program and IEEE PES T&D Web site.
  • Standard flameproof booth equipment for:
  • 8' high pipe and drape backwall
  • 3' high pipe and drape side rails
  • 7” x 44” booth identification sign (company name and booth number.)
  • 8' high pipe and drape backwall
  • 7” x 44” booth identification sign (company name and booth number.)
  • Management provides aisle carpeting. (Booth carpet/floor covering is required for all exhibits and must be provided at the exhibitor's expense.)
  • General exhibit hall lighting, air-conditioning or heating (during show days only).
  • Onsite Exhibit Management Office & Floor Managers to provide assistance during set-up, show days and dismantle starting Thursday, April 16.
  • Opportunity to present a session in the Productions & Solution Session Track, application form available in summer 2019.

Facility Information

  • The exhibits will be located:
McCormick Place Convention Center (South Hall)
 2301 S. King Drive
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 791-7000
  • The exhibit floor is located on level 3. The primary entrance to the exhibit hall is through the registration area which contains 3 entrances. However, there are also 3 additional entrance areas to access the exhibit floor.
    • The two Escalators on the “top” side of the floorplan, behind aisle 300. These escalators service the meeting rooms located on Level 4 and 5, where the technical sessions and super sessions will occur.
    • A third entrance is located on the “lower” side of the floor plan, “Down to Shuttles” behind aisle 4800. This entrance will be used to access the exhibitor meeting room area as well as the Poster Session and Reception on Wednesday. Attendees can also use this escalator to access the exhibit floor once the exhibits are open.
  • There are 3 primary 20’ aisles throughout the exhibit halls with food buffets for the lunch and reception events.
  • There are columns in the exhibit halls. Each column is 7' 9" x 7' 9". These columns are spaced 120 feet on center.
  • The ceiling height in the exhibit hall is approximately 40’.



We understand that budgeting for a large convention must be done in advance and there are many factors involved. Please see below for information specific to the 2020 IEEE PES T&D Conference to assist you with preparing and budgeting for the conference.
  1. Booth Space: $32 per square foot or $3200 per 10x10 booth.
  2. Booth Furnishings, Labor, Material Handling: Common Exhibitor Cost Sheet available here.
  3. Booth Personnel / Badges: Every exhibiting company has at least 4 exhibitor badges with their booth. Refer to our FAQ section for details on how many badges are included with the larger booths.
  4. Hotels / Housing: Travel costs can quickly escalate. While our housing program does not open until late 2019, we have contracted over 20 area hotels to offer a variety of rates and amenities. Click here for the contracted hotel list.

Exhibitor Communication Archive

We understand it can be difficult to keep track of all the communications and emails you receive. Below is a list of the emails we have sent for this event. Please check back on a regular bas

January 1, 2019 Round 3 Opens Tomorrow (only sent to companies eligible for Round 3)
January 8, 2019 Round 3 Opens Jan. 15 (only sent to companies eligible for Round 3)
October 29, 2018 Round 2 Opens Tomorrow  (only sent to companies eligible for Round 2)
October 23, 2018 Round 2 Opens in 1 Week (only sent to companies eligible for Round 2)
October 25, 2018 Floorplan Online & Round 2 (Sent to all 2018 Exhibitors)

Contact Info
Have more questions? Click here for answers to many frequently asked questions or contact Shawn Boon, or (972) 521-9902.