Marketing Opportunities

Directory Listing – STEP 1

IEEE PES T&D provides multiple ways to assist you in inviting you customers to visit you at the show. The first step to marketing your participation is to update your online directory listing, password required. Attendees are already researching which exhibitors to visit at the show. Make sure they add you to their agenda by completing your company information in the online directory. Attendees are able to view your exhibitor descriptions now. Don’t wait to update your company information – do it now!  Exhibitors that choose to enhance their listings - add logos and product information typically see a 50% or higher increase in booth leads. Purchase an enhanced listing for $350-$800 by logging into your exhibtor dashboard and selecting "Purchase an Enahncec Listing".

The printed Onsite Program will be a shortened version of past shows Final Program. It will consist of a Conference Overview, General Information, a full Exhibitor List (as of March 7) and the floor plan. This makes the mobile app and onsite locators the primary tool to assist attendees to search and locate the additional information usually found in the Final Program. This will also give you the opportunity to update you company's contact and product listing at any time right up to show opening! We will begin promoting the mobile app in February when it becomes live on our homepage so remember to keep it current.

Marketing to Your Existing Customers & Prospects Make sure attendees visit YOU at YOUR booth! Everyone is constantly being asked to do more with less help. We know your time is limited and that you are focusing not just on the upcoming shows, but on your many other responsibilities. However, by increasing the marketing of your participation in the show, you can greatly increase your sales! Promote yourself and guarantee a personal booth visit from attendees! While we promote our Conference and Exposition, we also provide you with multiple opportunities to "Promote Yourself" as an exhibitor! Just being there may not be enough - you must also make an effort in both pre and post-show promotion to ensure your company is a must see for your customer! Don't miss these opportunities to get your best customers and prospects to your booth! Simply login to your exhibitor registration dashboard for the quickest access to the following tools.

       Login to your Registration Dashboard (password required) to get started with these 4 options to increase your booth traffic!
  1. Invite Customers - Exhibit Hall Guest Pass: Utilize the reduced rate guest passes to invite your clients to attend the exhibits! Each exhibitor can create their own VIP Code through the exhibitor registration dashboard, this code allows your customers to register for the exhibits only pass at a 50% discount. Your customers will appreciate this offer while you see your booth traffic and business multiply! There are many ways to promote your customized code!
  2. Exhibitor (Broadcast) Emails: The XPress Exhibitor Emails system, allow you to send 3 personalized email campaigns to your existing and prospective customers. It takes only a few minutes to setup and is completely free. You can choose to use our pre-formatted templates or upload your own HTML. Simply add a few pieces of information, upload your customer email list, review the test email, approve & send! NOTE: This list is NOT shared with anyone, including show management). The list is used only for your email campaign.
  3. Personal Email Invitations: You can use the registration system to send out personalized invitations using our easy to use invitation tool, login & password required. Use this tool to send individual invitations to your top customers. In addition, take the opportunity to personally invite prospects and customers to meet you at the tradeshow. Based on what you've planned for the show (presentation, promotion, new product launch, demos, free consulting time, etc.), give them a good reason to show up to your booth or session. Also, work ahead to schedule appointments with qualified leads for consultations, presentations, demos or other meetings in advance of the event. Face-to-face meetings are a great way to nurture leads or even close a deal.
  4. Create Your Own Message / Invitation: Create your own message and your customers can register themselves Not sure what to say? See the attached sample. Be sure to insert your unique registration link listed below within your message.

    Download a banner ad and customize with your booth number.

  5. Printable Customized Invitation (Sample): From your registration dashboard you can download the invitation that is already customized with your VIP Coupon Code, Company Name & Booth Number.

2. Web Tools:
  1. Show Logos: Show logos are the easiest way to promote your exhibit at IEEE PES T&D. There are several different logos (including IEEE & PES logos) available in all different formats.
  2. Get a Registration link that is specific to your company that you can email, paste on your website, or create your own printed invitations.
  3. Create your own email campaign using show logos and your code!
  4. Set up a unique landing page on your website that promotes your trade show presence, including booth number & custom invitation link) and gives hints about the value attendees can expect to get from you by attending your booth there. Use this opportunity to also provide them an opportunity to download an ebook or whitepaper that relates to the theme of the trade show. If people are interested in what you are saying, they will have another reason to attend the trade show.
3. Social Media Campaigns: Start telling your fans and followers in social media far in advance that your business will be present at the show. Create a hashtag for your presence and give fans/followers compelling reasons why they'd want to come visit your booth. This may include a special giveaway, a new product announcement, or even the opportunity to be the first to have access to new data. Make your posts personal and engage with your followers one-on-one. During the show, promote your hashtag at your booth or use the IEEE PES T&D hashtag and tweet about the interesting things you have going on at your booth. On the landing page you created to promote your trade show presence, include social media share buttons to encourage others to promote the event through their own social networks. You will immediately increase your reach by making it easy for trade show attendees to promote it themselves. Also, when you promote your trade show presence using social media, ask others to retweet or repost the content. Generating third-party recommendations from people not directly associated with your business is sure to help increase attendance to your booth.
  1. Social media marketing is best started prior to arriving at the show, but it must be continued throughout the show days. Be sure to post special events or product demos to encourage attendees to visit you.
  2. Add the event to your company's Facebook page, send out regular Tweets to your followers on Twitter, etc.
  3. Use your company's social media networks to promote your VIP code.
  4. Include your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter links in your online exhibitor listing
  5. Use the IEEE PES T&D Social Media options to promote your participation. Like us on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter! You can even promote your products and participation on our accounts!

Promote to Attendees Generate new prospects through the conference registrants through personalized phone calls, written invitations, direct mail initiatives, social media and/or email communications.

1. Attendee E-Blasts & Mailing Lists: Be sure to invite the registered attendees to visit you in your booth! Exhibitors have two options to contact registered attendees. Order through the exhibitor registration dashboard.
  1. Purchase a mailing list of all attendees: Through your registration dashboard.
  • Pre-Show ($300) (pre-show lists will not be distributed until March 20 as the majority of attendees will not register more than 30 days prior to the event.)
  • Post ($350) show.
  • The following information is included in the Pre-show or Post-Show Attendee lists.
  • Contact Name)
  • Contact Title
  • Company Name
  • Contact Mailing Address
  • Attendee Job Title
  • Contact Title/Job Function from demographic choice
  • Contact's Primary Area if Interest
  • Category selected by registrant – if they Recommend Specify or purchase equipment & supplies for…
  1. Attendee E-Blast: Through the lead retrieval online order process you may purchase an e-blast ($850) that will be sent directly to registered T&D attendees. *to avoid overwhelming the attendees only 3 eblasts are allowed per day. You may order and schedule the email by contacting CDS, but the first emails will not be sent until late March (when the majority of attendees have registered).

  1. Press
    1. Press Releases: Upload press releases into your online directory listing. These releases will be shared with our press and media partners on a webpage dedicated to the media attendees.
    2. Digital Press Kits: New for 2020, exhibitors have the opportunity to upload your digital press kits and company media contacts on the T&D website. Upload now!
    3. Media Center: A new stage and meeting area near the registration entrance with an area for the press attendees to host interviews.
    4. Press List: You will have access to a verified press list. Invite them to your booth and other events! The press list will be available for download (once logged in the registration dashboard) beginning March 20. Please note this list is typically limited to only those publications that are not exhibiting in the show, as media partners often register as booth personnel and not press.
  2. Sponsorships: For as low as $250 you can increase your visibility to the attendees. There are many opportunities available depending on your specific goals, click here for a full list of sponsorships.
  3. QR Codes: Create a QR Code to Generate Leads & Track Engagement. Configure the code to send people who scan it to a dedicated landing page with language that addresses the IEEE PES T&D connection and invites them to download a targeted offer. This will not only help you generate leads from your trade show presence, but it will also give you a way to track results from the event.

General Tips: Pre-Show

Don’t wait until the tradeshow to start generating buzz, get buzzing before the event. Ways to do this are by hosting a webinar as a countdown for the show, post on social media, or publish a press release online about what your company will be featuring at the show.

Prepare your staff to sell. Making the most of your sales force in your booth should be a major priority. Exhibitors who undertake pre-show planning and personnel training do so because they know it pays big dividends on their exhibiting investment.

Prepare your personnel
  1. Set objectives for exhibiting and involve all staff attending the IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition.
  2. Educate your staff to the industry - help them to be knowledgeable ambassadors of your company.
  3. Provide your staff with product information - descriptions, key selling points.
  4. Provide booth etiquette tips to your staff.
  5. Rent lead retrieval equipment, train your staff in optimizing its use so they are better prepared to obtain leads.
Giveaways and promotional products are used for motivation, communication, promotion and recognition. They do not replace professional selling and exhibit practices. They may draw an attendee to your booth, but they are not going to close the sale. They can promote goodwill, communicate your message, increase name recognition, and if they are useful will work for you long after the show.

When selecting a giveaway item, keep these thoughts in mind: We anticipate over 12,000 attendees, this includes exhibitors.
  1. Would you like to receive this item?
  2. Will the recipient ever use the company's product?
  3. Will it reflect the message and image you are trying to project?
  4. Will the item appeal to a broad range of attendees?
  5. Where will the item end up -- in the trash, in a desk drawer or used as intended?
At the Show
Qualify prospects before randomly handing out "freebies" to cut down on waste. By giving out your item to everyone that walks through the booth you may be missing your real customers who may move on to the competition. By qualifying the prospect and therefore limiting the amount of items you give out - you can upgrade the item - you can order fewer and spend more on each to obtain an attractive, useful promotional item!

Follow up is imperative! Your response to a customer's or prospect's interest must be immediate to be effective. Send all leads that you gathered a letter and appropriate literature within two weeks. Follow letters with personal phone calls.

Don't forget the passerby, you can purchase the entire attendee list with demographic information, to contact the visitor who passed by but did not stop in.