SorbWeb Plus  

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#bestoilcontainment on the market. Never send out another maintenance person again after a rainfall to empty out your transformer secondary containment. Albarrie’s SorbWebPlus spill containment system allows water to pass through the floor area but seals on contact with hydrocarbons. Thanks to a revolutionary new hydrocarbon reactive geotextile capable of transforming from a permeable membrane into an impermeable one.  Applications include:  Substation transformers or other hydrocarbon filled equipment, Hydro power plants, Wind & Solar Farms and much more! 


  • Sorbweb™Plus with SAM
    An effective and reliable passive secondary oil leak and spill management system that provides continuous protection against oil spills and leaks.

  • Sorbweb™Plus with SAM provides continuous protection against oil spills and leaks associated with transformers, capacitors, storage tank facilities and other oil-filled equipment. In its passive state the system allows water to move freely through its bottom “Smart Barrier” and pass through without accumulating. However, when hydrocarbons come in contact with the “Smart Barrier” it will undergo a physical change by congealing and sealing, turning into an impermeable membrane and thus preventing hydrocarbons from escaping the containment area.

    State of the Art Design

    SorbWeb™ Plus is a gravity-based subterranean secondary oil containment system that surrounds oil-filled equipment with geosynthetic materials. The system effectively traps oil from catastrophic oil spills and leaks. The SorbWeb™ Plus secondary oil containment system critical components include:

    • A synthetic impermeable liner
    • An absorbent or adsorbent filter layer
    • A retention layer of smart oil-absorbing fabric that seals on contact with hydrocarbons
  • Q-Max High Efficiency Hydrocarbon Filter
    High Efficiency Hydrocarbon Filter and Automated Shut Off System...

  • Q-Max HF is an innovative  High Efficiency Hydrocarbon Filter that offers 360° of radial filtration over the entire length of the pipe giving this hydrocarbon filter one of the highest flow rates in the industry with the longest filter life. Aside from its extremely efficient capabilities to drain water quickly the Q-Max High Efficiency Hydrocarbon Filter has an incredible ability to filter and stop oil from exiting the oil containment area.

    The hydrocarbon filter acts as an automated shut off system that allows water to drain quickly out of virtually any type of containment system but shuts off and stops hydrocarbons  from leaving the containment area.

     It is designed to capture Hydrocarbons like, Diesel, gasoline, transformer oil and much more. Applications include but are not limited to: Concrete  or impermeable containments, above ground storage tank containments, portable spill containments, solar and wind farms, construction industry for dewatering, man holes and vaults, oil & gas industry and may more applications.