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  • FCL
    The Flexible Split Core Current Transformer...

  • The FCL model split-core current transformers have multiple benefits. Installing a split-core CT means there is no need to disconnect your primary conductor(s) which reduces downtime. Also, the FCL is flexible which contributes to the ease of installation. The CT is installed by using a twisting motion around the primary conductor(s). Once around the primary conductor(s), you simply connect the two ends of the CT back together and secure it with the provided brass screw and wingnut. The FCL comes standard with twelve feet of secondary lead wire and spade connectors which in most cases reduces the need for extra wiring during installation. We can provide the FCL models with various outputs including 5A, 1A, 1VAC, and 0.333VAC. With a wide range of outputs available, our split-core CTs work in conjunction with the majority of the meters on the market. The FCL models can be used in applications up to 720VAC and having an operating frequency from 50Hz to 400Hz also gives you the freedom to use the CT in multiple applications like monitoring variable frequency drives. As an optional accessory, we can supply custom made rubber inserts which will help with centering the primary conductor in order to maintain accuracy. For more information visit http://www.flex-core.com/SPLIT-CORE-CURRENT-TRANSFORMER-MOD…
  • HLS110
    Analog Switchboard Meter...

    • Designed for industrial use – strong plastic case with rugged
      mounting studs and electrical terminals.
    • Sealed cover and case – maintains accuracy and prolongs life.
    • ± 1.0% Accuracy – meets or exceeds ANSI C39.1 specifications.
    • Easy to read at a distance or angle – bold clean dials;
      no shadows; no parallax error; attractive, uncluttered scales.
    • Shielding of mechanisms ensures against magnetic field
      and steel panel mounting problems.
    • Two piece dial and picket pattern. D’Arsonval movements
      are linear and repeatable to one percent on preprinted dials.
  • FCR
    The Split Core Relay Class Current Transformer...

  • Replace existing relay class current transformers without requiring disassembly of bus work.  These split-core current transformers are designed for easy installation over a fully insulated bus bar or cable to provide a precise representation of the primary current. There are solutions available for most commercially produced meters and instrumentation.

    • Watt Transducer
    • Current Transducer
    • Core Balance
    • KWH Meter
    • Demand Meter
    • Power Factor Meter
    • Current Sensing Relays
    • Energy Management Systems
    • Overcurrent Relay
    • Differential Relay
    • Reverse Power Relay
  • 3PT3
    The All-in-One Three Phase Potential Transformer...

  • The All-in-One Three Phase Potential Transformer.  This transformer includes primary fuses right on top of the unit.  It is available in several standard ratios, but custom ratios are available.


    0.3 WX, 0.6M, 1.2Y at 100% rated voltage with 120V based ANSI burden.


    • Frequency:  60Hz Thermal Rating
    • 350VA (2.4 secondary amps per phase):  60Hz at 30°C
    • 225VA (1.7 secondary amps per phase) 60Hz at 55°C
    • Insulation:  5.6kV, 60kV BIL Full Wave
    • Weight:  Approximately 38 lbs.
    • Primary Terminals:  No. 10-32 Brass Screws with one flat washer and lock washer.

    The core and coil assembly is encased in a plastic enclosure and vacuum encapsulated in polyurethane resin.

    Recommended Spacing is for guidance only. The user needs to set appropriate values to assure performance for: high potential test, impulse test, high humidity, partial discharge, and high altitude.

    Primary Fuses Included