The 2020 IEEE PES T&D Conference will be April 20-23 in Chicago, Illinois and we look forward to seeing even more companies & attendees in 2020. We are working on the floor plan shortly and all communications and reminders will be sent to the sales and logistics contact on file based on the tentative schedule below:
  • Late August—Initial survey sent to determine space/size needs prior to the initial floor plan being drafted.
  • October—Initial floorplan available online and final space selection schedule communicated.
  • October / November—Initial space selection for 900 SF and larger
  • January 2019—Space selection open to all 2018 exhibitors
  • March 2019—Open to New Companies. If you did not exhibit in 2016 or 2018, please contact Shawn Boon to ensure your company is added to our company list and you will receive email updates on the schedule.
The initial dates for space selection are open only to companies that exhibited in the 2018 event. Once priority space selection is complete we will open sales to all companies in the T&D industry.