Set Up & General Show Information

What’s New & Exhibiting Tips

1. What’s New in 2018:
  1. The union rules are very strict at the Convention Center. For example, exhibitors may only set-up their own booth IF it can be done in less than 60 minutes without the use of mechanized tools. Review the full union rules at
  2. The largest dock door is 22’ wide x 16’ high. Please take this into account when planning the equipment for your booth, and don't forget to add the trailer height to the equipment height if you typically bring the trailer onto the exhibit floor for off-loading. Equipment can also be off-loaded outside and brought to your booth via crane or forklift (when possible), but this could add time and expense.
2. Deadlines: Pay attention to the deadlines. Whether the deadline is for discounts to save you money on services you need to last chance dates to provide critical information. Review the deadlines page to ensure you are taking advantage of every option available. Ordering prior to the deadlines can save you up to 30 percent.

4. Beware of Poachers: Exhibitors are often contacted by various vendors looking to get your business. Some of these companies may misrepresent themselves as being associated with IEEE PES T&D. You may be solicited by housing companies, third party audio visual suppliers and even some companies asking about your exhibitor listing. Only the vendors listed on the vendor contact page are associated with our event and promoted by IEEE PES T&D. I have listed our partner companies below for easy reference.
  1. Housing - OnPeak
  2. Audio Visual - Freeman
  3. Directory/Program Listings - IEEE PES T&D or Canfield Event Management. (PLEASE NOTE: We are not associated with Fair Guide).
  4. Furniture, Carpet, Labor, Domestic Shipping, etc. – Freeman
  5. Customs Broker/International Shipping – Agility Fairs
5. Minimize labor costs for installation and dismantling:
  1. If shipping direct, schedule your labor for the day after your target delivery date. Freeman cannot guarantee what time your freight will be delivered to your booth on the day it arrives.
  2. Number your crates according to content. Attach a diagram with instructions for exhibit setup, and include electrical requirements and repacking instructions.
  3. Submit electrical and telecommunications floorplans in advance. This allows Freeman, Smart City and the Convention Center to review prior to your arrival onsite.

Carpet and Drape

Each 10’ x 10’ booth will be set with 8’ high Gray and White back drape‚ 3’ high Gray side dividers and a 7” x 44” one-line identification sign. Midnight (black and blue) aisle carpet is provided by Show Management. Floor covering is required for all booths. Exhibitors may provide their own floor covering, but it must cover the entire booth. Rental carpet will be from Freeman in the exhibitor manual.

Column Diagrams
There are 53 columns in the exhibit halls, some are double columns. Review the online floor plan to determine if a column is in or near your booth, Click here for column dimensions and further details.Some columns include emergency equipment or access panels which cannot be obstructed. Convention Center personnel must have clear access to these services at all times. Before preparing your booth design, be sure to review your booth column diagram and plan accordingly. The column diagrams are available upon request or have been sent to the logistics contact on file.

Column Guidelines:

Note: These guidelines only apply to columns physically located in your contracted space.

• General Guidelines:
  • Must provide access to any emergency equipment or access panels on the columns.
  • Emergency exit signage on the column must be kept clear. o Anything that is marked fire cabinet, hose cabinet, fire alarm strobe light or similar needs unrestricted access at all times.
  • Fire strobes must remain visible. These are located on all 4 sides of every column.
• 5’ clear access to any FX cabinets located on a column. The column can be decorated with drape.
• Utility panels must be accessible. If an exhibitor wants to wrap a column they will need to submit the following to get DFD/building approval.
  • A booth layout detail indicating the column wrap.
  • The height of the wrap.
  • The material the wrap will be made out of.
  • Utility requirements and a layout plan for the booth to determine if any services will need to come from the wrapped column.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your booth structure or set-up around these columns please contact Shawn Boon,

Exhibit Hall Access Hours
Exhibitors and EACs (Exhibitor Appointed Contractors) have access to the exhibit hall based on the following schedule. Note: This is NOT the show hours, the times listed below are the times exhibitors and EACs will have access to the show floor with their badges/wristbands.

Standard Access Hours with Badges or Wrist Bands

Thursday – Sunday April 12-15 7:30 am – 5 pm Exhibitor Badge or EAC Wristband
Monday April 16 7:30 am – 5 pm Exhibitor Badge or EAC Wristband
Show Days
Tuesday April 17 7 am – 6 pm Exhibitor Badges
(EAC wristbands from 7 am – 9 am only)
Wednesday April 18 8 am – 7 pm Exhibitor Badges
Thursday April 19 8 am – 10 pm Exhibitor Badges
(EAC wristbands from 3 pm – 10 pm only)
Thursday April 19 3 pm – 10 pm Exhibitor Badges or EAC Wristbands
Friday April 20 7:30 am – 5 pm Exhibitor Badges or EAC Wristbands
Saturday April 21 7:30 am – 12 pm Exhibitor Badges or EAC Wristbands

Exhibitors needing to work late after these posted hours must receive permission from their onsite floor manager. In addition, after these times, workers must remain in their booths. Once workers exit the hall, re-entry may be prohibited.

It is important to note deadlines for both discounted services and due dates to provide critical information (final program, housing, etc.). Click here for further information, please note, these deadlines may be updated as we get closer to the show. The exhibitor manual, housing and badge registration is now available. 

Facility Info
  • The exhibits will be located:
          Colorado Convention Center (Halls A-F)
          700 14th Street
          Denver, CO 80202
          (303) 228-8000
  • There will be 3 primary 20’ aisles throughout the exhibit halls with food buffets for the lunch and reception events.
  • There are 53 columns in the exhibit halls, some are double columns. Review the online floor plan to determine if a column is in or near your booth, Click here for column dimensions and further details.
  • Ceiling height in exhibit hall is approximately 30’.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many details when planning an exhibit. We encourage all exhibitors to review the categories below for answers to questions that may arise when planning for the show.

Official Vendors
Below is the list of official vendors partnered with IEEE PES T&D. Please note: For insurance and safety reasons, the official contractors designated in this manual must be used for the following services (no exceptions will be made):
Electrical Plumbing Booth Cleaning
Telephone Material Handling / Drayage Rigging

Important Notice to Exhibitors - Beware Unofficial Vendors
Companies approaching Exhibitors or Sponsors not on the list below are not officially affiliated with the Show and IEEE PES T&D cannot assist with any disputes or issues. In addition, in materials brought into the facility for display purposes, etc. by companies not on this list may be charged for material handling fees in addition to the fees charged by an UNOFFICIAL vendor.
Freeman Exhibitor Service Manual – Available Now
The Exhibitor Service Kit will contain order forms for all the vendors listed below.

Attendee Email Opportunities (Exclusive) 

     107 Waterhouse Rd
     Bourne, MA  02532
     Nicole Hutchison
     508-759-4238 (fax)

Attendee List Rentals (Exclusive) - (Mailing Address Only)

    107 Waterhouse Rd
    Bourne, MA  02532
    Nicole Hutchison
    508-759-4238 (fax)

Order Online

Audio Visual/Computers

    Freeman AV
    Yesenia Mata
    Dallas, TX 
    469-621-5601 (fax)

Catering (Exclusive)   

    Taiya Andrews
    Denver, CO

Convention Center / Facility / Electrical / Plumbing (Exclusive)

    Colorado Convention Center
    Anne Casaus - Exhibitor Services
    Denver, CO


    Convention Plant Designs, Inc.
     4500 Richland Avenue
     Metairie, LA  70002
     504-454-7262 (fax)



IEEE Show Management

    Canfield Event Management
    Shawn Boon
     866-936-6708 (fax)

Internet / Telecommunications  (Exclusive)   

    Smart City Networks
    5795 W. Badura Ave, Suite 110
    Las Vegas, NV 89118
    702-943-6001 (fax)

Lead Retrieval / Badge Scanner

    107 Waterhouse Rd
    Bourne, MA  02532
    Nicole Hutchison
    508-759-4238 (fax)
    Order Form


    Ellen Dallager Photography
    4343 Big Sky Court
    Columbus, OH 43230
    Ellen Dallager

Exhibitor Registration  

    107 Waterhouse Rd
    Bourne, MA  02532

Shipping - Domestic Ground and Air

    Exhibit Services
    800-995-3579 Toll Free US & Canada
    817-607-5100 Local & International
    469-621-5810 Fax


    Global Security Solutions LLC
    Lisa Beauchamp
    Order Form

Shipping – International

    Agility Fairs & Events Logistics
    1100 S. Tamiami Trail, Ste B.
     Venice, FL 34285
    Margaret Churchill
    941-484-1017 (fax)

Onsite Assistance

Show Management Assistance
Exposition management staff is happy to meet with you during move-in, show days or move-out. There are designated floor managers in the exhibit hall. You may also contact the office at (703) 662-3602.

Exhibitor Service Desk
The exhibitor service center will be in operation beginning Thursday, April 12. The service desk will be located in the lobby outside the Hall D Entrance (Level 3). Freeman, Convention Center services, and all other official contractors will be onsite to assist you. Freeman will also have concierge service in the exhibit hall to assist exhibitors.

A security command post will be available at the convention center, exhibitors will have the option to take small items to the command post for overnight lock-up. All exhibitors should remove all hand-carried items (laptops, cameras, etc.) from the convention center every evening.
  • Do securely fasten all lightweight high-theft-risk items to display boards or lock in showcases.
  • NEVER leave personal items of value (cameras, handbags, briefcases, computers, etc.) unattended, including during move-in/out or show hours.
  • Do not indicate contents on outside of shipping/carrier containers
First Aid
The first aid station is in Lobby E, closest to Meeting Room 507. It will be in operation from the start of move-in through the end of move-out.  


This is a tentative schedule and may change. All changes will be posted on this website.

Thursday April 12 8am – 5pm Exhibitor target move-in begins
Friday April 13 8am – 5pm Exhibitor target move-in continues
Saturday-Sunday                           April  14-15                          8am – 5pm General move-in
Monday April 16 8am – 5pm General move-in (all linear booths)
4pm Booth installation complete
6:30pm – 9:30pm                   Opening reception (Exhibitors welcome)
Show Days
Tuesday April 17 10am – 5pm Exhibits open
11:30am – 1pm Lunch served in exhibit halls
Wednesday April 18 10am – 6pm Exhibits open
4:30am – 6pm Networking reception in exhibit halls
Thursday April 19 10am – 3pm Exhibits open
3pm – 4pm Closing reception (Exhibitors invited to attend)
Thursday April 19 3pm – 10pm Exhibitor move-out
Friday April 20 8am – 5pm

Exhibitor move-out
(Materials must be removed from the exhibit areas by 5pm or they will be packed and shipped at the exhibitor’s or EAC’s expense.)

Saturday April 21 8am – 12pm Freight pick-up (Carriers must check in by 10am)

Target Move-In
You may view your target move-in date online HERE.

The Target Move-In date assigned to each company refers to the date and time Exhibitors may schedule onsite freight delivery. If freight is delivered to the Advance Warehouse by the specified deadline date, it will be delivered to the booth by 8 a.m. on the Target Move-In date assigned. If the Exhibitor chooses onsite freight delivery, the carrier must check in at the marshaling yard by 3:30 p.m. of assigned the Exhibitor's move-in date. Freight could be delivered to the booth as late as midnight of the Target Move-In date. In this case, installation labor should be ordered to begin work the day after the Target Move-In date.

All display materials and other freight must arrive on the Target Move-In date. Display materials which arrive before or after the Target Move-In may be subject to an additional surcharge.

Linear Booths
All Linear Booths (10' x 10', 10' x 20', etc.) are assigned a Target Move-In Date of Saturday, April 14.

For more information and helpful hints on pre-show procedures and move-in, please visit

Contact Shawn Boon at (703) 622-3602 or via email with any questions.