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Scott Engineering, Inc., is a 100% ESOP company that manufactures Medium Voltage equipment. We have specialized in Metering, Switch and Fuse Gear and many variations of Capacitor Banks for years. Although, these products are the majority of our business, we also offer custom designs which can include combinations of several of our products. Realizing that various competitors exist in our industry, Scott Engineering distinguishes itself from others by our abilities to produce custom products for our customers.

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  • Built in partnership with ABB, the project will improve power quality at three Liquefied Gas Plants (LGP) in Dawson Creek, British Columbia

    Encana Filter Bank

    Scott Engineering, a leading manufacturer of Electrical Utility and Power Distribution equipment, has built six specially-designed Harmonic Filter Banks under contract for partner, and technology and industry giant ABB. Designed by ABB’s power quality specialists and leveraging ABB’s premium product range, these metal-enclosed capacitor banks (MECB) are built to last over 20 years in extremely harsh weather conditions.  With utmost concern for operator safety and maximising customer value, they were uniquely produced to improve the power quality for the electrical systems for three Liquefied Gas Plants (LGP) located in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

    The LGP plants — Sunrise, Tower and Saturn — are some of the largest in the world and were developed by the Cutbank Ridge Partnership, an agreement between Mitsubishi Corp. and Canadian energy firm Encana Corp. The partnership is devoted to the long-term development of natural gas resources in Northeast British Columbia. The total output from these plants will be over 1,000 Billion cubic feet of gas per day. According to David Noseworthy, a CIBC World Markets analyst, “Sunrise is going to be the biggest in Western Canada built in the last 30 years.” 

    The Encana plants receive sweet natural gas, remove water and hydrocarbons, chill and compress the gas to meet transmission pipeline requirements and recover NGL (natural gas liquid) from the gas streams. Total cost for the plants is estimated at $1.8 billion. The North American consumption of natural gas is currently over 80 billion cubic feet per day.

    "The dedication and passion of the Scott Engineering team to complete these banks to the customers' requirements was fantastic."

    Timothy Heemskerk

    ABB Global MECB Product Manager

    The passive harmonic filter banks will play a critical role in absorbing the harmonics produced by the non-linear loads at the plants. By protecting sensitive equipment and the electrical network from these potentially damaging harmonics, system availability is maximized and the costly impact of equipment outages is reduced. Energy costs are also reduced by the overall improvement in the power quality of the system.

    Each bank was sized based on actual site requirements with outputs ranging from 2.1Mvar up 6Mvar. The system is automatically controlled by ABB’s specialized RVT power factor controller which is able to monitor the network conditions and turn the MECB stages on and off as demand requires.

    After each of the systems was completed at Scott Engineering’s facility in Chino, ABB engineers conducted final on-site testing in the presence of Encana representatives before final shipment to Canada. 

    According to Timothy Heemskerk, ABB’s Global MECB Product Manager, “The dedication and passion of the Scott Engineering team to complete these banks to the customers’ requirements was fantastic.”


  • Metal Enclosed Capacitor Bank
    Capacitor Banks are used mainly for power factor correction and are offered at various sizes and configurations.
    We work with you to design a capacitor bank to call your own, meeting the latest industry standards and customer specifications....

  • Scott Engineering has a tremendous amount of experience in building Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks for Substation Application.  Our gear ranges from 1000 Volts to 35 kV, and can be configured to include most capacitor bank features, such as multi-stages, operational/unbalance/temperature protection, bank automation, upstream communciation and many other features.  Want to mix and match component brands? Not a problem for us as we work with our customers to provide quality capacitor banks with customer-approved components.  We have worked with all the major brands and continue to develop innovative designs using the newest industry technology.  SEI is a custom manufacture that builds to customer specifications, contact us for any special requests or more info. 
  • Custom Medium Voltage Products
    SEI manufactures Switchgear, Primary Metering Cabinets, Sectionalizing Cabinets, Capacitor Banks and much more, including any combination of these products. Contact us for any challenging enclosure needs you may have!...

  • Scott Engineering provides a wide range of products, specific to each of our customers. Having to provide cabinets for various sizes of pads, padmounted cabinets have become our specialty. As long as clearances have been met, Scott Engineering will provide any size of cabinet per request

    We pride ourselves on stepping up to challenges and providing high levels of quality support. Through the whole process of producing a new cabinet, from design stages to safely shipping the finished product, we will work with our customers to ensure the customer is satisfied with the finished product. Any inquiries about our capabilities at Scott Engineering can be answered by either our Engineering or Sales departments.

  • Overhead Capacitor Banks
    For overhead applications, Scott Engineering offers a variety of Capacitor Racks that can be fabricated and assembled to customer specifications. We will work hard to provide a product that ensures our customers’ preference and satisfaction....

  • Overhead (aka Pole-Mount) Capacitor Banks come in various sizes and configurations.  SEI offers many of the same features Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks (MECBs) include, such as Current/Voltage/Combo Sensors, pre-wired junction boxes and capacitor controls (or provisions) , neatly packaged and ready for ease of customer installation.

    Standard Features include:

    • Galvanized Steel or Aluminum Construction
    • Vacuum or Oil Switch
    • 2.4kV to 38kV
    • 95kV BIL to 150kV BIL
    • Oil or Dry Potential Transformer
    • Junction Box
  • Primary Meter Cabinets
    Primary Meter Cabinets (PMCs) come in various sizes and designs, from 1000 V to 35 kV and up to 1200Amps. For any special needs, please contact SEI....

  • Scott Engineering offers a range of metering enclosures in both single and three-phase padmounted cabinets up to 38kV. Our capabilities to build metering enclosures include products such as Primary Metering Cabinets, Metering Boxes and Secondary Bus Enclosures. We can construct live or dead front applications with separate instrument compartments as additional features for customers. Each free-standing, self-supporting padmounted cabinet may also have adjustable mountings for PTs and CTs, along with provisions for surge arrestors.