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For 30 years, SMC has been designing, developing, and making high quality electrical test and maintenance equipment. Our MENTOR 12, is the absolute in Three Phase Relay testing offers free lifetime feature updates, field upgradability/reparability and is still the only test set backed by an astounding 10 year warranty.

It is also the birthplace of the RAPTOR, a true innovation offering multiple abilities in a unique user friendly, field ready design with the talent to: Test Breakers, CT's, Reclosers, & More!

This year bring us a new innovation in micro ohmmeters, the PRIME 600! 


    Worlds 1st Three Phase Primary Injection System for Commissioning Substations, Testing Motor Protection Relays, Circuit Breakers & More!...

  • When Commissioning a Substation, connect the TriRaptor’s three-phase output to both ends of a busbar and let it maintain a pre-defined test current while you browse the entire installation for inaccuracies and possible connection mistakes, quickly and safely, using harmless voltage.  Typical commissioning targets include: • Circuit continuity - Assess continuity and proper grounding  • Phase consistency - Locate errors quickly • Current Tranformers - Ratio and Polarity   • Secondary equipment connections - Locate errors quickly • Relay readings - Check measured secondary values  • Phase order - Consistant or errors • Instrumentation - Verify operation and accuracy • Differential circuitsGrounding

    TriRaptor also allows you to Vary the current between the phases for polarized sources.  Makes it useful when tesing devices such as directional ground relays or to easily spot irregularities between the phases

    Motor protection relays -Modern inline relays feature numerous functional options and user-selectable settings, and use the line’s power to operate, so they
    cannot be easily tested with single-phase injection. The TriRaptor produces a stable and accurate output of up to 9 kA with 120º between phases, and can measure operation time by monitoring the relay’s tripping output or directly the current flow.

    Circuit breaker testing - Single- and three-phase protective functions in low-, medium-, and high voltage circuit breakers can be now easily tested with the TriRaptor, thanks to its wide current range, 3 kVA output power, and pre-selectable current values. Trip time is automatically measured even when a secondary protective device e.g. a relay cannot be accessed for testing.

  • PRIME 600
    World's Only Micro Ohmmeter to Feature (DRM) Dynamic Resistance Measurement Built In! 5A-600A of Pure DC in 1A increments with Dual Ground available....

  • PRIME 600 Applications Include:

    Circuit breaker contact resistance measurement according to ANSI C37.09-1979 (5.14), IEC 1208 and IEC 694 (6.4) standards.
    • Quick, efficient condition evaluation of arc contacts in SF6 and vacuum insulated circuit breakers.
    • Assessment of connection quality in cable attachments, bus bars and any conductive junctures in electrical installations.
    • Transformer / motor / turbine winding resistance measurement.
    • Continuity in switches, earth connections, welding points, fuses, etc.
    Loose, defective or dirty connections in a power circuit originate high temperature spots compromising the integrity of the entire installation and are potentially harmful for costly electrical equipment and dangerous for surrounding people. The nature and dimensions of these installations impose the need of accurate, high current injection in order to obtain reliable measurements throughout the entire setup.

    Dual Ground Operation
    The Prime 600 features a derived current input that measures the current flowing across the earth circuit when both sides of the measured point are grounded. The measured value is then suppressed from the resistance calculation. This eliminates the need to remove the ground protection (which is unsafe and not
    always possible) and speeds up the measurement process.
    The user only needs to attach a current/voltage converting clamp (offered as an option) to one of the grounding cables and connect it to the Prime 600’s derived current input. SMC offers a high quality current clamp, tested and verified for proper Dual Ground operation, among the Prime 600’s optional
    For increased safety, the Prime 600 will de-magnetize the connected load at the end of each measurement.

    DRM: Dynamic Resistance Measurement
    Rather than just displaying a single result in micro Ohm, the Prime 600 can, upon user’s selection, perform a series of measurements very quickly across a fast moving contact, like those found in circuit breakers. The result is in this case a time / resistance graph that describes resistance changes on the measured spot throughout a few milliseconds. While requiring extreme accuracy and ultra fast recording from the Prime 600’s micro processor, this technique provides a
    very representative evaluation of the contact’s condition without having to open the chamber. This feature, never before found in a micro ohmmeter, provides substantial savings especially in the case of SF6 and vacuum isolated breakers, as opening the chamber of one of these devices for visual inspection is extremely costly.

    Pre-defined test modes
    The MODE CONFIGURATION screen provides a simple, straightforward access to 5 pre-defined operation modes, including the Dynamic Resistance Measurement mode and a few user preferences.
    Measurement can be done in the traditional way or by having the Prime 600 follow you through a sequence of different test spots. Just touch the desired mode on the screen, rotate the encoder to adjust your current and press it to start.
    The Prime 600 will prompt you with a confirmation message if it detects possible mistakes in your connections. Once the measurement is finished, it will
    de-magnetize the tested device, too, for your safety. You can produce a printout of your test instantaneously or just save it in permanent memory. The PrimeSync utility will allow you to group tests in a nice report that can be exported to common office formats in your Windows PC.