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Digital Engineering is powered by data and driven by innovation.

That’s why we’ve been able to develop pioneering new services that are changing the way the energy industry operates – helping to boost performance, optimize maintenance, improve safety and reduce consumer downtime, all while increasing profitability for our clients. 

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  • Asset Health
    A wide range of environmental conditions, especially wind, are known to impact the wear of overhead lines (OHL) conductors and fittings, influencing how long they can reliably function before they need replacing....

  • OHL assets with a higher level of exposure are at risk of damage from a large number of factors, including local weather characteristics, the type of landscape and the mechanical properties of the assets themselves.

    Depending on the levels of exposure, different assets have varying rates of deterioration. By understanding the expected level of exposure on a span-by-span basis, asset owners are able to optimize their investment.

    Our technology helps detect sections of routes at high risk of damage, providing an efficient method of classifying spans in terms of wind exposure, wear risk and galloping risk. This enables the optimization of asset investment by providing a clearer understanding of asset deterioration over time.

    We are able to apply the wind-induced wear and corrosion models to any OHL asset, and calculate asset life modifiers that will not only optimize asset management strategies, but also increase system reliability and protect investment.

  • Renewable Forecasting
    As the volume of renewable energy connected to the grid increases, so does the need to make it behave more like conventional energy. This requires a greater understanding of when and where this energy will be produced....

  • By refining high quality meteorological data with specially-designed models, we can provide highly-accurate long and short-term forecasts for wind and solar production. These forecasts not only enable a better understanding of the impact of renewable energy generation on power prices, but also of the amount of energy that is likely to be generated, which means demand can be better matched to supply.

    Our industry-leading methodology allows us to deliver extremely accurate power forecasts that can pinpoint region, time-step and delivery time.

    Constantly evolving, our models provide brilliantly reliable forecasts, the data from which helps to maximize returns from energy trading, minimize imbalance costs, inform operational decisions and aid energy integration.

    A fully customizable service, it can be tailored to meet any requirement, resulting in a deeper, more insightful understanding of the available data.