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High Ridge,  MO 
United States
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The H-J Family of Companies provides our customers with high quality, cost-effective products and services with an extensive offering of transformer and switchgear components with manufacturing facilities that are highly automated and vertically integrated. In addition, not only do we have an extensive supply network, we have strong partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers and distribute and sell their products both domestically and Internationally.  We have continually expanded our product and service offering while continuing to maintain focus on customer service.

Brands: H-J Enterprises H-J International Engineered Power Components (EPC) H-J Tianjin H-J Testing H-J Trading Co. AEM Unicore MTM Equipment MGC Moser-Glaser MERSEN Chardon San Jiang


  • AEM Unicore Machines
    Unicore machines provide greater flexibility, accuracy and reliability and eliminate the need for fixed tooling such as jigs and mandrels....

  • In fifty years AEM have gone from a manufacturer of arc welders to a leading global supplier of Unicore machines and Unicores. The one thing that has been common throughout the journey has been the question, “How to improve efficiency at each and every step?”

    The small size of the Australian transformer core market inspired AEM to develop flexible automated machinery for core manufacture. The company was also committed to innovating core design.

    The result has been the creation of Unicore machines that produce the exceptional Unicores. Unicores are highly regarded in the market as the most advanced and efficient available. And the machines themselves are prime examples of improving efficiency.

    Over 250 Unicore machines sold globally.

    Unicore machines eliminate the need for fixed tooling such as jigs and mandrels. Unicore laminations are fully formed by the machine.

    For the operator, flexibility, accuracy and reliability are key advantages. Reduced core/coil assembly time results in reduced transformer costs.

    Since 1958 AEM has been driven by the vision to improve the efficiency of transformer core technology throughout the entire value chain. This means better manufacturing machines, better core products and better performance in the field.

    AEM is firmly committed to continue as a leader in highly efficient core technologies.

    • Core Manufacturing
      • Reduce manufacturing foot print and delay investment into larger machines
    • Unicore Products
      • Easy and affordable design, assembly and manufacture
    • In the field
      • Proven performance to improve distribution efficiency

    For General Purpose and Distribution Transformers our core products have enhanced efficiency in many ways.

    Unicores hold a number of advantages over other types of magnetic cores for general purpose and distribution transformers. With lower loss, efficient production and ease of assembly, our Unicores have helped innovate transformers around the world.

    The gap has widened even further with the DUO core, which not only provides exceptional energy efficiency, it is also very simple to assemble. The future for DUO core will be to replace large E&I, strip laminations and C cores, which struggle to meet the need for greater energy efficiency.

    AEM comprehensive range of Unicores

    Each type is able to be customized and made to exacting specifications.

    • DUO
    • Distributed gap
    • Cruciform
    • Stepbutt
    • Butt
    • Gapped
    • Uncut

    Single phase and Three phase versions

    AEM Machines

    • UMC 300
    • UMC 425
    • UMC 440A
    • TCT150 Core Tester
    • UDM4000 Decoiler
  • MTM Winding Machines
    MTM winding machines incorporate Beckhoff Automation control systems providing seamless integration between machine operation and the operator interface. Winding machines are designed to offer the optimal winding torque / speed for the application....

  • Micro Tool & Machine Ltd. was established in 1964 as a tool and die shop in Winnipeg, Canada to serve the local manufacturing industry.  The business quickly grew to a custom machinery manufacturer with a particular focus on the transformer industry.  For more than 50 years, MTM has been a leader in the design and production of coil winding machines, cut to length lines, panel radiator production lines, and complementary solutions that reliably serve our valued customers in over 40 countries.

    Our design philosophy is to combine effective innovation with simplicity and intuitive operation, allowing the user to focus on the production work.


    MTM manufactures a full range of coil winding machines designed for distribution transformer manufacturing. Dedicated machines for wire, foil strip, or a combination of both wire & foil are available.

    To compliment the winding machine product lineup, a full range of winding mandrels are available that can be integrated with the machine for a complete solution. Engineering services are available to ensure integration with existing mandrels or tooling if the user already has these products.

    Tooling such as portable cold welding, rectangular wire bending, and round wire flattening are available for integration with MTM or other OEM machinery.

    • Tooling
    • Winding Machines
    • Winding Mandrels


    MTM manufactures a full range of core steel processing equipment designed for distribution and power transformer manufacturing. Dedicated machines for mitre, wound, stacked / 90 degree core manufacturing is available.

    Please click the following areas for more information.

    • Step Lap Core
    • Stacked / 90 Degree Core
    • Wound COre


    MTM produces a full range of machines for the fabrication of panel / header type radiator panels.

    • Radiator Protection Equipment
    • Automated Production Line

    MTM Machines

    • DWM1200 Series
    • FM/FWM Series
    • LC FM/FWM Series
    • MPS400
    • MPS600
    • XS600-P20
  • MGC Silicone Bushings
    Silicone bushings with a dry insulation of RIP. The insulation lays directly on the conductor or tube and consists of wrapped paper directly impregnated under vacuum with epoxy resin. Conductive grading layers are embedded during the wrapping....

  • MGC Moser-Glaser Company researched a way to increase the dielectric characteristics of its High Voltage equipment. As a result, MGC invented the Epoxy Resin Impregnated Paper (ERIP) technology in 1958.

    With more than 50 years of experience in development of the ERIP technology, MGC offers transformer bushings TRAVESCA® DTOIA from 25 to 230 kV.

    • ERIP bushings can be applied at any position from 0° to 90° from vertical and allow for safe horizontal transport and storage.
    • A higher thermal stability compared to OIP which increases the reliability during overload periods.
    • MGC pioneered the standardization of Silicone Rubber Insulators on Bushings, bringing a high level in safety and reliability to the Electric Utility industry and increasing the performance of the bushing in heavily polluted environments.
    Weight reduced as well as flexible sheds, increase its tolerance to vandalism, or earthquakes. No risk of porcelain breakage during shipping or handling; No collateral damage.
  • EPC Epoxy Bushings
    EPC provides innovative engineering solutions in molded polymer insulated product design and manufacturing. Serving Electrical Utilities, OEM's and Service Groups worldwide, our team offers more than 50 years of experience in the industry....

  • It is our mission at EPC (Engineered Power Components) to provide innovative engineering solutions in molded polymer insulated product design and manufacturing. Serving Electrical Utilities, OEM’s and Service Groups worldwide, our design and manufacturing team offers more than 50 years combined experience within the industry.

    EPC provides total product development services, from conceptual design work through engineering and final product testing within one facility, conveniently located in High Ridge, Missouri, USA.

    EPC specializes in custom product design and manufacturing. Utilizing state of the art design software and in-house tool and die design and manufacturing capabilities, we can provide quick turnaround for replacement components.

    We specialize in duplication or redesign of obsolete, damaged or hard-to-find components at reasonable cost.

    • In-house tool and die design and CNC manufacturing – minimizing lead times for fast turnaround on custom items.
    • Mechanical Design Automation Software including 3-D Parametric Solid Modeling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), providing the customer with immediate product design and analysis information.
    • In-house test facilities for routine and prototype testing.
    • Research and Development services for development of new materials and technologies.

    Bushings & Insulators

    • Standoff Insulators
    • Thru Wall Bushings
    • Circuit Breaker Bushings
    • Apparatus Bushings
    • Primary Disconnect Bushings
    • Zero Sequence Current Transformers
    • Current Transformers
    • Switchgear & Breaker Products
    • Multi Stud Terminal Blocks
    • Transformer Mounted LV Bushings