Cleaveland/Price Inc.

Trafford,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 668

Cleaveland/Price is a manufacturer with a diverse portfolio of switch, motor operators, RTUs, and power monitor products.  The company offers substation class group operated switches to 345 kV and hookstick operated switches for various applications.  Seismic qualified (IEEE Standard 693) switches have been tested to 2.5 ZPA.  Motor operators are available for any manufacturer’s switch in overhead, padmount, and underground use.   Our LineScope® overhead line sensor provides accurate current and voltage measurement and as well as detailed power quality data through 138 kV.

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  • LineScope® Overhead Line Power Monitor
    Highly accurate three phase power monitoring of overhead lines up to 138 kV. The sensor is battery-free, harvesting power from line voltage rather than line current, resulting in the grid visibility regardless of loading. Ideal for low load applications....

  • The LineScope® system consists of three conductor-mount LineProbe sensors and a data consolidating RTU that can be housed in a CommBridge communication node, a customer’s communication node, or integrated into a Cleaveland/Price ADMO or PTAD switch controller.

    The consolidating RTU outputs 60Hz line voltage value with 0.5% accuracy, current with 0.5% accuracy, peak fault current, fault direction, watts, VAR, power angle, and line temperature.  THD is calculated to the 11th harmonic.  The LineScope detects transient and permanent faults, and anomalies of short duration.  COMTRADE files are created.

    Applications for the LineScope® include:

    • Grid monitoring
    • Fault detection, location, and system restoration
    • PQ voltage, current, and power measurements
    • Volt/Var optimization
    • Power factor correction
    • Line temperature monitoring
    • DER monitoring
    • Metering for a mobile substation
    • Calibrating the measurements of other metering equipment
    • Remote switch operation when installed in a Cleaveland/Price motor operator

    The LineScope® uses no proprietary software or communication format and will integrate seamlessly into DNP 3.0 SCADA and smart grid systems.

  • “Quick Install” Unitized Transmission Switches
    “Quick Install” switches are unitized, phase-over-phase transmission switches that ship from the factory 3-phase assembled and adjusted. The switches utilize a push-pull interphase linkage that eliminates the problem of pipe windup between the phases....

  • “Quick Install” switches are unitized phase-over-phase switches that address issues that customers have with other transmission switch designs. Torsional “windup” of the vertical operating pipe between phases causes the three pole units to operate out of sync, making the switch difficult to get into adjustment when mounted on tall transmission poles.

    Cleaveland/Price has designed the “Quick Install” switches with “push-pull” interphase linkage so that the three pole units always move in unison, regardless of the length of the vertical operating pipe. The switch ships from the factory with the three phases mounted to a common base and all interphase linkage installed and the switch correctly adjusted.  The switch stays in adjustment after installation, just as it was tested and operated at the factory.

    The switches are available in 2-way and 3-way configurations at 69 kV, 115 kV, and 138 kV.  Single way unitized switches are available up to 230 kV.  “Quick Install” switches install on a pole with a single crane lift, reducing installation time.  Switches are supplied with ReliaVac vacuum interrupters and available with BT-T motor operators for SCADA integration.