Storage Battery Systems

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United States
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From local co-ops to national companies, utilities and other mission-critical applications need a power system that’s always ready for service. That’s why we offer a full suite of corrosion-resistant batteries, accessories and services, supported by our responsive, knowledgeable team.

SBS leads the way in battery test equipment with digital hydrometers, internal resistance testers, load testers, hydrogen detection and our new battery management and monitoring system: EquaLink.

SBS has been in the battery business for over 100 years.


  • EquaLink Battery Monitoring and Management System
    EquaLink is a comprehensive battery management system that not only prevents unexpected battery failures, it maximizes battery capacity and extends life....

  • EquaLink is a comprehensive battery management and monitoring system that utilizes a patented balancing process. By regulating the float charging voltage of each battery, you can prevent unexpected battery failures, these include: dry out due to overcharging or sulfation due to under charging.  The benefit is increased reliability and extended life.  Other battery monitoring systems simply monitor batteries while they deteriorate.

    Equalink monitors the voltage, internal resistance and temperature of each battery in a stationary battery system, providing data and graphs for NERC testing and reporting.

  • Lead Acid STT (OPzS) Batteries
    These STT Series corrosion-resistant flooded batteries constructed with tubular positive plate and lead selenium alloy are manufactured in accordance with OPzS DIN 40736 standards....

  • The STT series batteries with tubular positive plates and lead selenium alloy provide the best corrosion resistance in lead acid battery technology today. Our lead selenium alloy virtually eliminates inter-granular corrosion, having all the advantages of lead calcium and lead antimony cells but none of the disadvantages. The positive plate’s grid does not require horizontal bars, virtually eliminating plate growth. For long service life applications, tubular batteries provide the most reliable power.