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Siemens Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of Siemens AG, a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis. Siemens in the USA reported revenue of $23.3 billion, including $5.0 billion in exports, and employs approximately 50,000 people throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico.


Siemens Connecting Grids


  • Mobile STATCOM
    Siemens STATCOM on wheels for flexible grid support.

  • New Siemens SVC PLUS Mobile (Mobile STATCOM) solution can be located anywhere in order to rapidly restore power grids and to reduce civil engineering work.

  • Sm@rtGear™ medium-voltage air-insulated switchgear
    Sm@rtGear is pre-configured and pre-programmed electrical distribution equipment that provides out-of-the-box, stand-alone or remote monitoring, predictive diagnostics, configuration and control of embedded intelligent devices and circuit breakers....

  • Sm@rtGear is pre-configured and pre-programmed electrical distribution equipment that provides out-of-the-box, stand-alone or remote continuous 24/7 monitoring, predictive diagnostics, configuration and control of embedded intelligent devices and circuit breakers. Available options include IEC 61850 or Modbus master/slave communications; remote control of circuit breakers; automatic waveform capture and viewing; bus bar and cable monitoring using temperature, partial discharge, and humidity sensors; integral main-tie-main schemes; SIPROTEC 5 modular protection system; arc-flash incident energy calculator and SIERS wireless remote racking. The final configuration is based on devices specified by the customer in the switchgear. The operator interface is fast and has an intuitive look and feel. Sm@rtGear is available for medium-voltage switchgear and motor controllers, low-voltage switchgear, low-voltage switchboards, and low-voltage motor control centers.

  • Siemens integrated electrical-racking system
    SIERS provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective, reliable and flexible means to remotely rack a drawout circuit breaker or switchgear auxiliary tray while standing outside of the arc-flash zone using either a hand-held controller or via communications....

  • Siemens Integrated Electric-Racking System (SIERS) provides additional personnel protection against arc-flash exposure for operators by providing a means of remotely racking the drawout circuit breaker and auxiliary trays (voltage transformers, control power transformers, or fuses for fixed-mounted control power transformers) for Siemens types GM-SG non-arc-resistant 5 kV-15 kV, GM-SG-AR arc-resistant 5 kV-15 kV, or GM38 non-arc-resistant 38 kV switchgear while standing outside of the arc-flash zone. This reduces the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) per the NFPA-70E® standard. A high-torque, fixed-mounted motor in the circuit breaker compartment or auxiliary tray provides smooth and efficient movement of the circuit breaker or auxiliary tray between positions. Racking operation may be controlled using either a hand-held control pendant or via communications. It is available as a field retrofit for existing Siemens types GM-SG, GM-SG-AR and GM38 switchgear.

  • 245 kV 80kA common frame circuit breaker
    Siemens HP now offers higher kA 80 and 90 circuit breakers. PSD will also be shown for the first time.


  • With the retiring of older power generation plants and the need to relocate this production capacity, sometimes comes the unexpected or even undesirable consequence of higher available fault currents on your network. Siemens has answered this need with the development of the SPS2 170kV 80kA dead tank circuit breaker.

  • 3EK8 surge arrester
    The 3EK8 is the ideal solution for heavy duty applications for duty cycle voltages up to 36 kV and as riser pole for duty cycle voltages up to 27 kV.

  • Siemens’ 3EK8 distribution class surge arresters are ideally suited for all purposes, especially for the reliable protection of transformers, circuit breakers, medium-voltage switchgear/panels and distribution lines.

  • PSS®ODMS - CIM-based transmission network modeling
    PSS®ODMS closely aligns real and virtual worlds – enabling you to utilize a single source of truth for all of your transmission network modeling and analysis needs...

  • PSS®ODMS is a transmission network modeling and analysis tool that is designed to bridge the gap between multiple utility domains – including operations and planning. It provides power system planners, operations planners, system operators and IT managers with a variety of capabilities, including:

    • Centralized data management and exchange across multiple domains (e.g. grid operations, network planning, etc.) – based on open CIM   standards

    • Automated case creation for network operations planning studies

    • ENTSO-E CGMES compliance and PSS®E <-> CIM / CGMES data conversion (for European TSOs)

    • Real-time situational awareness (including state estimation and integration with SCADA and measurement data)

    • Offline study functions based on operation model, data, and scenarios

    Typically, a single customer would not encounter all of these use cases simultaneously. That is why PSS®ODMS can be priced and deployed in different configurations – so you can get only the functionality that matches your use cases.

  • Low-voltage replacement circuit breakers
    Aging low-voltage switchgear can be modernized with new direct-rack replacement circuit breakers providing minimal downtime and significant cost savings over replacing the entire system....

  • New Low-Voltage Replacement Circuit Breakers are designed utilizing a Siemens common core operator technology and direct connection to the existing bus.  Rather than replacing with all new switchgear, old circuit breakers can be efficiently and economically replaced with modern, flexible, and extremely reliable circuit breakers, extending the life of the gear.  The following circuit breakers are available as pre-engineered designs:  Siemens RL and SB, ABB/ITE K-Line, Westinghouse DB and DS, General Electric AK.  Other manufacturers’ models and ratings can be engineered through Siemens by customer request.

  • SITRAM® TDCM online system
    SITRAM®TDCM is a technically advanced and cost-effective transformer online monitoring system, providing reliable early fault diagnostic and supporting precise transformer operational needs....

  • Transformers play a key role in power plants, in transmission and distribution networks, and in industry. For this reason, it is very important to continuously record and monitor transformers’ key parameters. However, individual sensors only show parts of the overall picture. This is why a monitoring platform is needed to integrate data from all different kinds of sensors. A monitoring platform allows measurement of trouble-shooting and repair to be planned and scheduled in advance, which means greater availability and a longer service life for transformers.

    Nowadays, the need for grid digitalization, performance optimization and maintenance costs are playing a major role in the market. Therefore, Siemens developed the new SITRAM®TDCM as a technically advanced and cost-effective transformer online monitoring system, providing reliable early fault diagnostics, and supporting precise operational needs. SITRAM®TDCM can be applied on all transformers, from any manufacturer, and of any age.

    One of our key objectives in building standard or tailored transformer monitoring systems is to use only high-quality products that have proven their reliability on the field for many years. State-of-the art components with permanent quality checks are Siemens’ understanding of quality and our promise to our valued customer.